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Please find below a series of interviews with several well-respected podcasters highlighting the obscene injustice that has been served upon CLIVE FREEMAN

British Actor speaks out against the miscarriage of Justice served to (now) 80 year old Clive Freeman
Sonia Poulton: Rise, BNT: Clive Freeman Panel. 14 October 2022
Jailed for a crime, that never happened... Clive Freeman
Clive's third day out in 35 years!
I'm innocent, I tell you!
Clive Freeman's 3rd day release from 35 years in prison for a murder that did not occur.
Terry Waite speaks to Clive Freeman
Dr Michael Naughton interviewed by Sonia Poulton, Rise, BNT, 30 December 2022.
A quick but important update on Clive Freeman
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